Wednesday, November 16, 2011

VOC Silent Film Harmonic - upcoming show!

The VOC and the Registry Theatre present…

An original soundtrack to the 1924 classic “Hands of Orlac”
Thursday, Nov. 24th, 8p.m.
The Registry Theatre: 122 Frederick St., Kitchener
Advanced tickets at the Centre in the Square box office are $15; at the door of the Registry, tickets are $15, $10 with a Food Bank donation or $5 eyego.
Paul Orlac is a world-renowned pianist who loses his hands in a horrible accident. A surgeon is able to attach a new set but they are from a convicted murderer! When Orlac feels compelled to kill, have the hands taken over his body?
Reuniting two of the principles from “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” – director Robert Weine and actor Conrad Veidt – this classic is all grim ambience and b&w mood. (imdb, wiki)
The VOC Silent Film Harmonic are: Ted Harms (double bass), David Hunsberger (clarinets), Steve Lederman (percussion, brass), Bradford Nowak (percussion, trumpet), and Wade Whittaker (guitar).
Upcoming VOC shows: Pandora’s Box – Feb. 4 and Buster Keaton short films – March 16; if you come out to Hands of Orlac, advance tickets for the next two shows will be on sale at a reduced price!
Feel free to tell any interested parties, mention us around the water cooler, or put up the poster wherever cool cats like you can be found.

more new words

Belatedly, I have an interview with Ajay Heble in Sept/Oct. issue of Music Times. I'm sure they're all gone by now as it is nod mid-Nov.

I interviewed Gerry Hemingway during the Guelph Jazz Festival; that will likely be published soon-ish.