Friday, August 16, 2013

Nels Cline

...and this is WAY late but I have an interview with Nels Cline on

I talked to Nels at the 2012 Guelph Jazz Festival

and this Saturday, Aug 17...

If you're in the Hamilton area Saturday, August 17th,
we’re very excited to return to the Pearl Company!

It's a Surrealism double bill - we'll be accompanying
"Un Chien Andalou" & "Fall of the House of Usher"

It starts at 7:30pm & all part of Pearl Co's 
Theatre Festival! 
Pearl Company
16 Steven Street, Hamilton
phone: 905-524-0606 

2012/13 season at the Registry!

We are please to announce our upcoming season at the Registry Theatre!

All films will be performed at the Registry Theatre and begin at 8pm.

Admission at the door: $15, $10 with a Food Bank donation or $5 eyego.

Advance tickets: $15 via or call 519-578-1570

Please check the Registry website for more information -

To contact the VOC, email – vocmusicATyahooDOTcom

Sunrise - Friday, Oct 4th

Sunrise begins with a farmer who is under the seductive sway of a woman from the city, who wants to him to sell the farm so they can run off together, and soon a plan is hatched to kill the farmer’s wife and make it look like an accident.  The plan unravels with the farmer’s moral quandary and strong love for his wife.

Winner of 3 Oscars - best picture, best actress, best cinemtography - at the very first Academy Awards.


Night of the Living Dead – Saturday, Feb 1st

Night of the Living Dead is a ground-breaking and genre-creating black-and-white horror film.  Directed by George A. Romero and starring a cast of unknowns, the story follows Ben, Barbra, and others trapped in a rural farmhouse in Pennsylvania which is attacked by unnamed & unexplained "living dead" monsters.

Due to an error by the distributor when it was released in 1968, this film is in the public domain.  The VOC will be showing this as a silent film with subtitles.


The General – Thursday, March 27th

The General is a 1926 Buster Keaton comedy film.  Johnnie (Buster Keaton) loves his train ("The General") and his girlfriend, Annabelle Lee. But as the Civil War starts, Johnnie is unable to enlist as he's more valuable as a train engineer than a soldier; unfortunately, Annabelle believes it's because he's a coward. But when Union spies steal his train with his girlfriend onboard, Johnnie springs into action.