Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two articles

First of all, big thanks to everybody that came out to the Buster Keaton show at the Reg- it was a great crowd and the band had a blast playing ACTUAL SONGS (though we shamblized them pretty good...)! Looks like we'll be repeating the show for an outdoor gig in a couple weeks.... check back here for details!

Two new interviews of mine are out:

At last year's Open Ears festival, I sat down with Scott Thompson of The Rent (and joined mid-way through by band-mate Susannah Hood). Get their cd here. That interview is in the latest and greatest issue of Eartrip - get it in a variety of formats here Do yourself and get all the back issues!

And I sat down Gerry Hemingway during the last Guelph Jazz Festival. That talk is in the new issue of Critical Studies in Improvisation here. Gerry's webpage is here

Belated mention that my preview of the Colin Stetson show at the Perimeter Institute last Saturday appeared in the Nightlife section of the Record the Thursday before... Doesn't look like it made up on the Record website. :(